Top 10 businesses to Invest in Nigerian in 2018


Year 2017 saw the loss of so many jobs by Nigerians and the advent of entrepreneurial move by many. As the year 2018 begins, recession, though still biting hard daily, there are business you can invest in 2018 with little capital to engender a better life for you.

If there is any time to invest in Nigeria, it is now because you have cheaper labour and better competitive opportunities to leverage on especially when government’s interest is much on local productions as against importations.

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Out of these 10 businesses you can invest in Nigeria today, you can try your hand on one or more, and the end of the year, you can be sure you will smile.

1. Crop Production:

As the federal government of Nigeria has declared diversification and the body language of President Buhari makes it look more real, crop farming is a business to invest in 2018. Rice production is one area as the CBN is even given credit facilities to farmers for increased production to meet the increasing demand of rice. Others crops include corn, wheat, cassava, etc.

2. Poultry Production:

This is another farming area that you can harness in the year 2017. Government policy on importation of poultry products is receiving serious attention at the moment which has reduced the activities of smugglers. This has left a large vacuum to be filled. Eggs are in serious demand now just as other poultry farming.

3. Animal Feeds production:

With increase in the farming activities especially animal rearing, food for these animals are in high demand now. Which a little research and investment, you could produce because there is a ready market for you.

4. Farm Produce Middleman:

This is a business idea that needs right people especially now that so many people are going into agriculture without looking at the marketing aspect of it. There has always been a challenge for farmers to sell at prices that would be of more advantage to them. If you can invest in marketing these agricultural products and have a proper strategy in place with appropriate packaging, you will be a preferred seller and make a good profit.

5. Fast Food Business:

Cities continue to get busy and many are still looking for ways to cut cost by patronizing non-continental foods. If you are a good cook, you should convert it into a business opportunity and make a living out of it this year.

6. Export of Food stuff:

The plan of government is not just for production of agricultural produce for local consumption but for export because that is where Nigeria can get back her foreign earnings. With appropriate packaging, you can begin to export Nigeria foods stuff to other nations and earn your living on it. It is a business to invest in 2018 that can earn you a good return.

7. Phone repair:

As the challenge of forex increases, the price of phone has gone drastically high and many will rather repair their old phone than buy a new one. Take advantage of this business opportunity in the year 2018 and make more money via phone repair.

8. Dry Cleaning:

The business of dry cleaning is still booming as busy executives abound. With little startup capital, you can start your business today. All you need is good marketing skill and nice packaging to make you a bit ahead of your competitor.

9. Lotto/Gaming:

This business is taking center stage these days and so it is a recommended business to invest in Nigeria in 2018. With proper planning and good pay back system, you can be sure you will make a good return on your investment.

10. Fashion:

You will be surprised that in spite of recession people still party. ‘Aso ebi’ still reigning and people sew new clothing every day. If you are thinking of this, you can make a whole lot from it. you can add makeup, tying of gele bead making etc. This will give you a hedge your shop will be a one stop shop for fashion.

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Get up and make a name by investing in Nigeria in 2018. Make a good business plan and follow it. Don’t rush but be creative. Ensure you have a good brand that people can easily follow and sky will be your beginning.

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