Nysc Certificates: Discharge, Exemption And Exclusion

Nysc Certificates: Discharge, Exemption And Exclusion

All Nigerian graduates of Universities and Polytechnics both home and foreign trained are required to complete a one year mandatory service to the nation which is the NYSC.

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Every graduate who is mobilised and successfully completes the one year service is issued a DISCHARGE CERTIFICATE which shows that he/she was conscripted and has served the nation and has now been discharged onto further endeavours.

Now a graduate who at the date of graduation was over the age of 30. Had served in the Nigerian armed forces for a period of more than nine months or is a staff of either the Nigerian security organisation, the State Security Service (SSS), the National intelligence Agency or the defence intelligence Agency or has been conferred with a national honour would not be required to or be called upon to serve in the NYSC. Such a person would be entitled to an EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE. The process of obtaining the Exemption certificate is usually done at the Institution of the Graduate.

Graduates who studies through part time programmes or obtained a degree from professional Institutions with effect from 2001 to date are now issued LETTER OF EXCLUSION. Candidates excluded are neither given Discharge or Exemption Certificates. To obtain a Letter of Exclusion a candidate is to write to the Director-General of the NYSC.

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So if you’ve been wondering about the difference and what each of them mean, now you know. Identify which category you fall into and be well guided on NYSC Certificates.

All the best.

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The Nysc redeployment scheme was established based on three main factors, Marital or Health ground and recently added Security ground. But many of us only talk about redeployment if the state of deployment isn’t favorable to us or probably surrounded by life and death situation (Boko haram). Many corps members wants to redeploy to another state closer to home or if possible demobilized home, But what many don’t understand is the procedure to follow, who to approach, and on what grounds will a redeployment request be considered by NYSC board.i was opportune to meet with one of the redeployment officer Mr Rufus which in turn has helped a lot of people you can easily get redeployed/relocated to any state of your choice and your primary place of assignment and for those who wants to get their exemption or exclusion should drop his/her contacts here.


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