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JAMB 2019 is already concluded. Now is the time to start preparing for JAMB 2019. Thinking about 2019/20 JAMB registration, how to get JAMB form for registration, where to get JAMB tutorials, When the JAMB 2019 Exam will take place, JAMB UTME Cut off Mark, JAMB Admission, and more. This post is surely informative enough to tell as far as JAMB 2019 instructions and guidelines are concerned.

Necessities to make a good JAMB 2019 result, the things you must know, and more are detailed in this article. Now, keep calm and read thoroughly. We guarantee you that the thorough reading of this article would answer your questions on JAMB. To start with, we would look into the tips to register for JAMB.

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The Official website of JAMB

First and foremost, the acronym “J.A.M.B.”, stands for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. That being said, the official websites of JAMB are:

Click on any of the JAMB official site, so you can visit it.

JAMB Brochure 2018 PDF Download | Complete JAMB Syllabus 2018/2019

Tips to Register JAMB 2019

The 2019 JAMB CBT registration commences on January 10, 2019 and ends officially on the March, 2019.

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So, as you now have knowledge of the time-frame, you are strongly advised to register as soon as you can. Below are tips on how to register:

Firstly, obtain a form in hard copy from any of the following:

  • Skye Bank Plc
  • Zenith Bank Plc
  • First Bank Plc

2. Fill out the form accurately and make sure there are no mistakes. You are strongly advised to avoid cancellation of any already-input data.

3. The passport photograph that you are to attach should be very explicit.

4. When adding your thumbprints, please, endeavour to wash out your hand so that no complications would arise. There have been many cases of people who could not reprint their slips because their thumbprints wouldn’t show.

5. Be sure to be present at the date at which you were invited for your slip’s reprint.

6. After successfully registering, make sure to collect the book titled In Dependence and the JAMB Brochure. It comes at no extra cost and so do not pay any money to collect the two; they are yours by right so long as you have successfully registered.

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How to Pass JAMB 2019 CBT

The secret to passing the JAMB exam are very simple though requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. It is very natural to get tired in the long-run but you should really persevere because at the end of it all, when you’re holding your result of 200 marks and above, you would be grateful that you didn’t.

Below are tips on how to pass your JAMB:

  1. Go through the brochure and understand what exam you are truly about to write. In that JAMB brochure, the prescribed textbooks will be stated. Here’s How To Summarise Jamb Novel (Book): InDependence.
  2. Acquire the textbooks if you don’t have them already and mark out the topics in their curriculum.
  3. Set a balanced time-table for reading that covers the four subjects that you are about to write.
  4. Read and jot the points or facts that you won’t easily remember or you don’t understand at all. Visit your tutor or teacher to smoothen the understanding of those facts.
  5. Revise each topic thoroughly after reading. Evaluate yourself each day.
  6. After reading your textbooks, which, if you really are serious, shouldn’t take up to two weeks, then, read the prescribed novel thoroughly. Write down important of easily forgettable details.
  7. After doing the above, acquire up-to-date JAMB past questions.
  8. Allocate time for studying the past questions in your timetable and give the past questions more time and attention.
  9. Make sure to keep up this habit of studying past questions and reading constantly so that all details would still be freshly in your head. Read JAMB Novel Questions and Answers 2019: InDependence
  10. Lastly and most importantly, do not ever cease to at least re-read a chapter or two of the prescribed novel so that you wouldn’t forget the names of the characters and other important details.

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How to Buy 2019 JAMB Form

The most acceptable and reliable way of buying the JAMB form (e-Registration Scratch Card) is by obtaining one from the JAMB office closest to you.

Visit the JAMB office with NGN5,500.00 ( the extra NGN500.00 is just in case of any form of miscellaneous.) to obtain your form. If you desire paying less, you should get the JAMB scratch card which cost 5000NGN. That notwithstanding, the online registration cost #700 and the JAMB Novel cost #700.

Questions like this are answered here on this platform.

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How to Download 2019 JAMB Bronchure

Though, after a successful registration, you should and would be handed over a copy of the brochure and the prescribed novel, In Dependence, it is very understandable that some of us prefer our books in electronic formats.

Well you can download the official JAMB brochure from the JAMB website by following this link: www.jamb.org.ng

How to Download JAMB Past Question

Downloading the JAMB past questions is not so easy. There’s a problem of scam (paying for the e-books online but you would not be able to download.)

There honestly is no certified website for downloading JAMB past questions successfully. The buying and downloading online is at owner’s risk which is really a huge risk. Mostly everyone that has downloaded the past question online have one complain or the other, you know.

But if you’re really up for taking the risk, then search for websites that sell past questions and download.

Alternatively, you could request to buy an authentic compilation of JAMB past questions in the nearest JAMB office close to you at not more than NGN2,000.00. It is safer and contains the solutions to the questions.

Here’s How to Pass JAMB 2018 without Cheating.

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Step-by-Step Guide on 2019 How to get JAMB Form for Registration

Here is a step by step guideline for registering JAMB 2019/2020.

  • Candidates must have an active mobile phone number as well as a personal e-mail address.
  • Each candidate is to use a functional and personal e-mail address. The system would reject at the point of registration any already used e-mail address.
  • Candidate must create their JAMB profile on the JAMB portal through JAMB Mobile Application available on Android, Windows and iOS platforms OR by visiting any of the designated Banks or NIPOST in order to create his/her JAMB 2019 profile on the JAMB portal: www.jamb.org.ng. Name, date of birth, personal e-mail address and place of origin are required to create the profile.
  • Candidates must make payment for JAMB’s E-PIN-registration and the recommended  text or novel is done at the banks and NIPOST. Some banks have also agreed to make some of these services available at JAMB CBT centres and JAMB State Offices across the Federation.
    Each Candidate should visit any accredited CBT centre with his/her personal details, the profile and evidence of payment.
  • The Accredited JAMB CBT centre or JAMB State Office, supplies, at no extra cost, the required reading novel or text and the CD containing:
    a) e-brochure showing guidelines on admission detailing list of tertiary institutions and available programmes of study.
    b) Syllabus (e-syllabus) for the examination.
    c) Step by step guide on completion of the application form.
    d) A video messages from the Registrar of JAMB and a demo on how to use eight (8) keys for UTME examination without mouse. (For candidates with little familiarity with Computers).


  • Candidates are to complete the online application form by supplying details such as name, e-mail address, L.G.A., academic qualification, etc.
  • At the JAMB CBT centre, Candidate’s ten fingers biometric and image will be captured and uploaded.
  • O-level and/or A-level grades should be provided by candidates. Candidates awaiting result are expected to supply the result online immediately the results are released on JAMB’s portal. Recommendations from any Institution will not be considered by JAMB if results are not supplied by the candidate.
  • Each Candidate is to collect his e-slip at the end of registration as evidence of registration.
    There will be no offline registration, as all the accredited CBT centres have been empowered for real life online registration.

NOTE: Candidate should never register at any centre other than the accredited JAMB CBT centre and JAMB State office. Any candidate who is registered outside approved centres will be identified and disqualified. (Source: www.jamb.gov.ng/

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