Everything About NYSC 2017 [Batch A and B]

Most Nigerian Graduates (home and abroad) desires to participate in the year-long National Youth Service – the NYSC. There are a lot of things to consider as far as NYSC is concerned. That is why today’s post is on virtually everything you need to know about NYSC 2017 will be looked at here.

Are you a prospective NYSC member? or you are already a corper?  Here’s an ultimate guide to NYSC 2017 for both Batch A and B as well as Stream 1 and 2.


Everything About NYSC?

Yes, all you need to know about NYSC will be highlighted in this post.

What is NYSC?

The acronym NYSC means National Youth Service Corps. You should read Meanings of NYSC Acronyms and Slangs.


When was NYSC Established?

It is a scheme established by the General Yakubu Gowon’s administration in 1773. It was established by Decree 24 of May 1973.


What is the purpose of NYSC?

It was established after the Nigerian civil war that ended in 1970 to foster unity among youths of the nation who have been separated by vast space, ethnicity, languages and especially the civil war. It was also meant to teach Nigerian youths tolerance and to learn the social environment of other community in the nation.

Is NYSC Compulsory?

The scheme which was established by law was made mandatory for all graduates of both universities and polytechnics across Nigeria. Since it is a law, to be employed after graduation, you must have finished your service year. That is why it is often referred to as ‘one year mandatory national service.’

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How long does the service require?

It is one year national service. Upon graduation as a Nigerian, you will spend a whole year wherever you are posted which is expected to be a state far away from your residential area with three weeks NYSC orientation camp and eleven months national service.

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Does the government pay corps members?

Federal government currently pay a sum of N19,500 to each corps member on a monthly basis while it encouraged states and local governments to pay stipends to each of them. While some States complied, many did not see reasons to give especially with the increase in the numbers of graduating students on yearly basis.

Some private establishments that employ corps members however pay token depending on their capabilities. Some states pay health workers especially medical doctors quite well. But, each corps member would be paid token as transportation allowance during the orientation camp. This is often revered to as bicycle allowance.

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Who provides accommodation for corps members?

Usually, during the first three weeks which is the orientation camp, the state NYSC where you are posted to will house you and feed you in the camp. After the orientation camp, you will be posted to your place of primary assignment where it is expected that the organization provides accommodation for you. Some local governments and communities already have manageable accommodations which are usually referred to as corpers’ lodge.

Some other organizations like Nigerian Christian Corpers’ Fellowship and Muslim Corpers’ Association of Nigeria also have private corpers’ lodge across the nation for their members and intending members.

If you are not satisfied with all these accommodations, you might want to rent an apartment or find alternative means of accommodation for yourself.


Can I Redeploy?

Yes. Redeployment means moving back from the state where you are posted to, to the state of your residence. This is however based on certain conditions such as:

Marriage Ground: Ladies who are married before embarking on NYSC programme are given the opportunity to redeploy to the state of residence of their husbands. So, if you are a married woman, apart from all other documents, you will need to go to the camp with your marriage certificate and copy of newspaper where your change of name was advitised in case of change of name. You will be required to write a letter of redeployment and attach other documents with it. Format for which the letter will take will be made available at the camp.

Health Issue: It is not all health challenges that usually warrant redeployment. Health conditions that are considered critical or terminal are what the corps usually grants permission for corps member to redeploy. All you need is a medical report from your doctor. But, it is only medical report from government owned hospitals like teaching hospital, general hospital etc that are acceptable.


Can foreign students participate?

In as much as you are a Nigerian and you have evidence that you graduated from a recognized/approved institution anywhere in the world, you must participate if you will gain employment in Nigeria.

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Is there age limit for participation?

Presently, the age limit to participate in NYSC is 30 years of age. Anyone above 30 years of age as at the time of mobilization would not be mobilized. However, such person would be given exception letter.


What about NYSC Registration?

Registration has been made easy now with the advent of technology. Every intending corps member will now be required to register online.

This registration is a biometric registration which might require you to visit cyber café or any other approved vendors to do this. You will only be allowed to register if your school has approved you and sent your name to the NYSC.

Also, if you don’t want to go to your school to get your call up letter, you will be required to pay the sum of N3,000 only to the NYSC and access will be granted you to print your NYSC call up letter on the internet.

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