Writing a Cover Letter For Visa Application

Writing a Cover Letter For Visa Application…

Want to apply for visa? That’s great but, you must understand that your cover letter is as important as your application form. It should be the first thing the consul will see before checking through other documents attached. Your cover letter for visa application could therefore sell you to the consul for him or her to grant your visa application or not.

Of course, there must be a purpose for your visa application. This is what determines the type of visa you apply for. But, the bottom-line is, as you apply for the visa, don’t forget that a covering letter will be necessarily.

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Why is Writing a Cover Letter For Visa Application important?

Applying for visa is one thing, for the officer processing your visa application at the consulate getting in your data is another thing. If there are certain data that needs clear explanation, it will be better you do a brief explanation in your cover letter.

Your cover letter for visa application also gives the whole idea on your application even before the officer or consul goes through your document. This will make their work easier as they already have idea of what they are going to see as attached to the form filled unlike when they expect that a document should have been attached but could not see and guessing you omitted it.

Your cover letter for visa application also makes your application more professional and this is what many consuls prefer. It shows you know what you want and really are serious about the application. Some people go the extent of hiring a lawyer to help them write such cover letter.

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How long should a cover letter for visa application be?

Some expect that it would be something that will say everything about you. But, it shouldn’t be. Your cover is not your application form, so don’t make it one. It cannot cover everything you already fill in the form and explain the documents attached. It is just a letter accompanying or leading your visa application and so should be kept to be that.

So, your cover letter should short. If you can keep it at a page or at most, two pages.

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At what point should you write your cover letter for visa application?

It definitely will not be before the filling of your visa application form. So, ensure you complete your forms and attach necessary documents. These will be the backdrop on which you will write you will base your cover letter.


How to Write a Cover Letter For Visa Application – What format should the cover letter take?

It should be purely former letter. Formal letter is an official letter with business tone. Write to inform and not to impress the consul or whoever will be at the receiving end.

For a start, your address comes first and it is very crucial. Ensure your address tally with the one you used in the application form.

Next is the date. There are different date formats you can apply. I will advise you use the format the country use in the form.

Then comes the addressee. This is as well crucial. Ensure you are right in the consulate address. Mistake here can render your efforts meaningless. You can check this out on the internet which is now made easy with your search engine.


After this, is the salutation. The consul is the representative of the country you are applying to in your own country. He determines whether you are worthy to enter his or her country or not. Although I always advocate for the first name of the supposed recipient, in this case, it might not work since the consul is in the office for a while and before your letter gets there, he or she might have just been changed. All I will just advice is to ascertain whether the consul is a she a he.

The heading of your letter is the next. State it boldly on the letter before you continue with the letter e.g. Application for Schengen Visa.

The body of the letter is where you state who you are and your purpose of the application. You are to state your attached documents and other things necessary.

Conclude by thanking consul and state your hope or confidence as the case may be that you will be granted the visa.

Your signature is essential after you have written your name.

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Writing a Cover Letter For Visa Application

Sample Cover Letter For Visa Application

Here is a sample of a standard cover letter for visa application in Nigeria.

7, Yakoyo Street
Ojodu Berger
Lagos Nigeria.

January 17, 2017

The Consulate General
German’s Embassy
15, Walter Carrington Crescent
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Dear Sir/Madam,


I, Toriola Matins hereby apply for  a Schengen Visa to cover my planned trip from Germany, Denmark and Netherland. The trip is scheduled for March 13 to March 22, 2017. I decided to apply through your honourable consulate because Berlin will be my point of entry while Munich will be my point of exit.

My friend, Emmanuel Chukwudi, whom I will stay with at Berlin, is an immigrant working with Japan Group (his documents attached). The purpose of my visit is tourism as I plan to visit the hisotiric Berlin wall and Museum Island. I planned to take exciting pictures for memorial.

My itinerary is as follows:

Date City Accommodation
13-14 Berlin, Germany 2, Seyditz Street, Berlin.
15-16 Copenhagen, Denmark Absalon Hotel, Copenhagen
14-18 Amsterdam Hotel Estherea
18-22 Munich Hotel ibis Muenchen City

I herewith attached the following documents for your perusal:

  1. Fully filled application form for schengen visa
  2. Flight tickets confirmation sheets
  • Proofed of booked hotel accommodation outside Berlin accommodation
  1. Proof of employment in Nigeria
  2. Printed six months statement of account with two banks
  3. Data page of Emmanuel Chukwudi international passport/data page of his immigration visa
  • Letter of invitation from Emmanuel Chukwudi.
  • Insurance policy covering the period.

I hope you will find everything in order. In case of any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for taking time to go through my application. I hope to receive favourable response from you soon.


Yours faithfully,


Toriola Matins

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Hope this article has served its purpose? Thank you for your time. If you have any question or contribution, do feel free to let us know via the comment section below. Do not forget to share this post with your friends on social media via the icons below. Thanks.

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