School Habits You Must Shed for a Successful NYSC and Future Career

School Habits You Must Shed for a Successful NYSC and Future Career…

“When I was a child*, I spoke like a child*, thought like a child*, and imagined like a child. When I became a man*, I gave up my childish ways*.” This is a quote gotten from the Holy Bible which bothers on maturity i.e. a time to grow up and do away with or forego certain lifestyle. While you were in school there are many/diverse habits that you do feel good about. However, now that you are serving, about to serve or you just concluded your NYSC, you must shed them.

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10 School Habits You Must Shed for a Successful NYSC and Future Career

These school habits might see you through orientation camp but do not let them follow you to your PPA or the corporate world. Here are of the 10 habits you need to shed now:

  1. Procrastination

This is putting till tomorrow what one should have done today/now. Most of us have been so guilty in past and are still guilty of this old habit. Many students often wait till the day of submission before they start hustling to do any given assignment/task.

This habit brings about ill-preparation and will cost you a job opportunity or good sales pitch when you are either going for an interview or having a sales presentation. If you are to be successful after your service, consider preparing seriously ahead for anything.

2. Indiscipline

This manifests itself in everything one does as a result of poor management of time, it is the a cause failure in examinations. As an ‘aspiring professional, discipline will take you places; it is the hallmark of highly successful people.

3. Laziness

This is the root cause of procrastination, laziness is what makes one postpone an activity till the next day. It births loss of opportunities as well as poverty. People that are plagued with laziness are over-analyst that will want everything to be right before taking action. What is your excuse?

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4. Bad Reading Culture

Readers are leaders. This means that for you to be successful in your field you have to jettison the attitude of not reading. This is easy and achievable by picking up a book and actually reading it,you can start with your school books then move to other books. Develop reading into a new habit so that it will become a part of you. Many habits are very hard to break and take time to form too. It is better to start now that you are serving so that after your service year you would have become a better you.

5. Negative Attitude/Mindset

As you are getting to another level of life, you have to learn that negative attitudes and mindset attracts negative results. Therefore always think positive thoughts for as a man think says the Bible, so he is. This truth was what Napoleon Hill emphasized in his book.

6. Stereotype Mindset

You have always heard the phrase thinking out of the box. Thinking outside the box has to do with doing things against the status quo i.e. existing state of affairs. Back in school students are very predictable, they do things within the scheme of learning, refuse taking chances neither trying out fresh ideas.

They are fond of living a straight jacket life, but for you to make serious and conspicuous impact after school, you have to start to think out of the box, surprise people, meet and exceed their expectations.

Real inventions started with an odd thinking, the Wright Brothers invented the plane to fly people in the sky like birds because they thought away from protocol – analysts mocked saying it is against the law of gravity to do that, but they took the risk, broke all known laws of gravity and today the result is awesome.

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7. Running others down

In school we like to run others down as a way to lift our own image; which is acceptable in the school. However in the corporate world or others, it has been a know fact that doing this will spell doom for the person. Even a competitor should not be treated like an enemy because they can still be of help to you in future. The philosophical quote that when climbing up one should be good to the people one meets on the way up because on one’s way down one will still meet them.

8. Irresponsibility

Taking responsibility for ones action is not on the menu of most students. However, it is true that for one to make impact and succeed, one has to learn how to apologize when wrong and do damage control instead pretending that all is well. The world is filled with examples of companies and individuals who did in the past, so drop the attitude of irresponsibility now before you get into the corporate world.

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9. Giving Excuses/trading blames

Excuse giving is related with procrastination and laziness. There is always a reason students give for not delivering, when they come late to classes. They blame traffic, when they fail to do their home work they blame public power supply,when things do not go their way they blame the government and so on and so forth. A successful person does not let anything prevent him from achieving, so never be caught in the act of giving excuses for your non-performance.

10. Lateness to events

Getting late to events or work is a very bad habit that is a sign of irresponsibility and unseriousness. Some students find it difficult keeping to time. Know that for you to be successful in your career you have to show punctuality at work, meetings or any event. It is a sign that you are a person with integrity. That is why coming late to parade ground is discouraged at the NYSC camp. It is a way of modeling you for the future.

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Remember NYSC is a one year program designed to prepare you for the future. It is a trial period for you to do away with all those habits mentioned above. So that you can have a fulfilled career after NYSC.

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