5 Reasons Government Should Focus More On Teachers Not Students

Reasons Government Should Focus More On Teachers Not Students

Despite having the major responsibility of sculpting the future of a nation, the contentment of the teachers is amidst the worst in most countries. They perform from not too friendly working conditions and environments, with little and irregular salaries.

The government however are doing absolutely nothing about this, but rather focusing on students by creating scholarship programs and running an almost free educational system for students.What about teachers?

Reasons Government Should Focus More On Teachers Not Students

Reasons Government Should Focus More On Teachers Not Students

We must stop blaming the teachers for our ever failing educational system. They are definitely not the only ones to blame and they shouldn’t be the main focus of blame. Here’s five reasons why government should focus on teachers and not students:

1) Teachers Do Most Of The Work:

A day in the life of a teacher can fluctuate greatly relying on the subject and class in which they teach. From kindergarten to higher institutions and special education to statistics, one motive runs regularly throughout every teacher’s career; their job doesn’t just end with the school day. Even though standing and teaching in front of the classroom is a very huge part of a teacher’s responsibilities, they expand far beyond that into the lives of their students’ families and their community.

They stand right in front of the classroom, writing on the board and talking for hours while the students would just sit down and listen. The teacher will also help a student in need after class, to explain to him/her the parts they didn’t understand.

They also attend PTA meetings, relevant conferences, network with their fellow teachers, participate in the school sports activities and at the same time engage in continuing their education to stay at the leading edge of their specialty. They motivate, inspire and change the lives of students to affect positive change in the community.

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2) Teachers Have Bills To Pay

The minimum wage may be N19,800 but teachers, most especially those working in low cost private primary schools earn far less. As a teacher, it is definitely not easy to make ends meet with that amount of money. 75% of Nigerian teachers are married, 90% out of those married teachers have kids. They would also pay the school fees of their kids, pay their house rent, fuel their car or transport themselves to the school from home and so much more.

Because of how little they make, most teachers participate in the extra lessons organised by the school or launch their own private lesson to earn extra income. However, the little they earn in the lesson might also not make much difference because of the bills needed to be paid.

3) If The Teachers Are Happy The Students Will Be Too

Yes, you know the saying “Happy Teachers Make Happy Students”. If the teachers are happy, they will teach the students with such joy and patience to make sure the students understand everything.

If a student is slow in apprehending a topic in class, the teacher would be happy to put him/her through but if the teacher isn’t happy, they would totally ignore the student and tell him/her that they are busy. Only happy teachers will let loose, laugh and make fun of themselves in class to show the students that they care, making them laugh and feel comfortable with them. Research shows that students always excel on the subject/course of their favorite teachers.

4) Teachers Need to be Encouraged because they are the Backbone of any Educational System

Teachers are the reason why the educational system in Nigeria is still standing. Although most lack the passion for the job and are not properly educated on what it takes to be a twenty first century teacher.

Even when they are disciplined, they lack the essential instructional materials to perform their jobs and yet they are always the first to be blamed for any poor students’ achievement.

The dilemma of Nigeria’s teachers is pathetic as lots of them have died of diseases, hunger and probably out of frustration. The educational system eventually turned quite a good number of them into destitute and beggars, making the younger generation reject the idea of ever becoming teachers in the future, because of lack of encouragement from the government. Once the government focuses more on teachers and make sure they get all the necessary training, materials and encouragement. That will be a very vital step to rejuvenate the educational system in Nigeria.

5) Teachers have the Ability to Make or Break the Future of any Country:

Teachers are core nation builders. If our teachers are not encouraged, recognized and appreciated, they would be forced to twist their noble job of mentoring and inspiring the youths to higher academic excellence into creating ‘runs girls’ and ‘yahoo boys’ in our schools.

In the past teachers were appreciated and motivated and had no other option but to perform. But today, teachers’ pay is nothing to write home about that most of them can barely afford to put food on their table, talk less of paying their children school fees, medical and utility bills, but yet they are always expected to perform magic by educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Teachers are expected to produce and nourish those that will grow up to lead the country and manage the country’s resources under this unpalatable conditions. It is quite absurd how they are expected to carry out wonders in bare classrooms, with little or no support compared with teachers in other countries.

Please feel free to add more reasons Government should focus more On teachers not students via the comment section.

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