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Otago University in New Zealand. A state funded college in Dunedin, Otago in the South Island locale of the nation, the world-class instructing and inquire about college was set up by the Otago Provincial Council around 150 years prior, going back to 1869 and has since built up a notoriety for giving brilliant training to understudies from all around the globe, particularly in the territory of best class postgraduate research; with the latest acknowledgment being a 2018 astounding rating of 5 or more for quality training by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a yearly production of world’s colleges positioning.

Learning at the University of Otago, be it as an undergrad or a postgraduate understudy, is generally an extremely energizing knowledge. The area of the school in a city like Dunedin which is loaded with instructive exercises makes it an inviting spot for understudies of different foundations.

The University is home to in excess of 20,000 understudies, with an offering of more than 195 undergrad and postgraduate projects that cut over the Sciences, Humanities, Social sciences and the Otago School of business. It is additionally home to the Country’s first medicinal school and furthermore gloats of offering Summer School, International School and Distant Learning programs.

Otago University – Admission | Tuition | Courses | Rank

University of Otago Ranking:

The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) is a yearly positioning of world’s best colleges in view of global principles. This positioning was at first intended to recognize the main 200 schools on the planet and the University of Otago first included in the year 2007 when it went ahead the rundown as the 114th best school on the planet.

Before 2015, No New Zealand School had a course in the main 10 QS course positioning rundown until the point when University of Otavo came in positioned eighth in Dentistry.

The University of Otago was as of late positioned 151st in the 2017/2018 QS rankings, setting it in the best 3% of the world’s colleges. It is likewise right now among the best 50 in the branches of knowledge of Dentistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Archeology, Physical Education and Development Studies.

The University of Otago Courses:

Understudies hoping to ponder in the University of Otago are generally both of two classifications; understudies trying to pick up from the rich showing society at the University by experiencing an undergrad program and those hoping to use on the world-class look into setup to promote their examinations on a postgraduate program.

College classes

The University at present has well more than 14,000 understudies selected in courses split over the four (4) divisions of Sciences, Humanities, Social sciences and the Otago Business School. In light of the divisions, the accompanying Bachelor degree courses are advertised;


Reviewing, Science , Applied Science, Arts and Science, Physical Education and a Diploma for Graduates (Science)

Wellbeing Sciences

Drug store, Medicine and Surgery, Biomedical Sciences, Medical Laboratory Science, Dental Surgery, Dental Technology, Physiotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Oral Health and a Diploma for Graduates for Health Sciences.


Laws, Music, Theology, Arts, Arts and Science, Performing Arts, Teaching, Social Work and Diploma in the accompanying classes – Language, Language and Culture, Graduates (Humanities).

Otago Business School

Single guy of Commerce and a Diploma for Graduate (Commerce).

Postgraduates Courses


Certificate for Graduates – Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Sciences, Doctor of Science, Master of Applied Science, Master of Dance Studies, Master of Dietetics, Master of Physical Education, Master of Science, Master of Science Communication, Master of Surveying, Master of Wildlife Management

Wellbeing Sciences

Certificate for Graduates – Health Sciences, Doctor of Clinical Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Science, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Health Sciences, Master of Aeromedical Retrieval and Transport, Master of Aviation Medicine, Master of Bioethics and Health Law, Master of Clinical Pharmacy, Master of Community Dentistry, Master of Dental Surgery, Master of Dental Technology, Master of Dentistry, Master of General Practice, Master of Health Sciences, Master of Medical Laboratory Science, Master of Medical Science, Master of Nursing Science, Master of Occupational Medicine, Master of Ophthalmology, Master of Oral Health, Master of Pharmacy, Master of Physiotherapy, Master of Primary Health Care, Master of Public Health, Master of Travel Medicine.


Certificate for Graduates – Humanities, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Laws, Doctor of Literature, Doctor of Music, Doctor of Musical Arts, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Humanities, Master of Arts, Master of Chaplaincy, Master of Education, Master of Emerging Technologies Law, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Higher Education, Master of Indigenous Studies, Master of International Studies, Master of Laws, Master of Ministry, Master of Music, Master of Peace and Conflict Studies, Master of Planning, Master of Politics, Master of Social Work, Master of Teaching, Master of Teaching and Learning, Master of Theology.


College of Otago Business School:

Confirmation for Graduates – Commerce, Doctor of Commerce, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Commerce, Master of Accounting, Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Data Science, Master of Commerce, Master of Economics, Master of Entrepreneurship, Master of Finance, Master of International Business, Master of Marketing, Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Sustainable Business, Master of Tourism.


College of Otago Admission Requirements:

Undergrad Study Requirements

The base affirmation prerequisite for entrance into the University of Otago for undergrad ponder is a finish of secondary school testament. The general necessities anyway changes with the understudy’s nation of earlier investigation in view of its identicalness to the New Zealand capability for entrance. For example, for understudy’s applying in Nigeria, the base necessity is a finish of secondary school declaration and an agreeable fulfillment of multi year’s investigation at an affirmed Nigerian tertiary establishment. You can check the passage prerequisites for your nation here.

Postgraduate Study necessity

Confirmation prerequisites for postgraduate investigation in the University of Otago shift by Program. General necessities normally incorporate a four year college education declaration in the field the understudy is hoping to apply for, and now and again, pertinent work involvement here. An expert enrollment in New Zealand could likewise be a prerequisite in specific cases.

Holding a four year certification may qualify one for a coursework-and-proposition based ace’s investigation however having a distinctions four year college education or a postgraduate recognition may qualify an understudy for a theory just based ace’s program.

Fulfillment of a graduate degree, or a college degree with a five star or inferior upper respects in the region of planned investigation qualifies an understudy to apply for a PhD degree in the college.

College of Otago Fees:

In the University of Otago, educational cost charges are computed in view of the understudy’s subject classifications per EFTS (Equivalent Full time understudy) for a given year. This is on the grounds that there are understudies they may choose to take pretty much courses than others per session.


Residential Tuition Fees

The educational cost charges for college understudies in light of these subject classifications ranges from $5,793.00 (per EFTS) for Arts, Languages, Theology, Mathematics and Education to $15.389.00 (per EFTS) for Medicine and Dentistry.

For Postgraduate understudies, the educational cost expenses (in EFTS) in light of subject class ranges from $7,551.00 for Law Honors to $35,985.00 for Medicine-MDS in the Postgraduate Taught examine classification while for Postgraduate Thesis and Honors classification, it ranges from $6,351.00 for Commerce (per EFTS) to $9,955 (per EFTS) for Dentistry proposition (Non clinical).

A full rundown of educational cost expenses for every subject class including different charges like organization expenses and Student Services expenses and furthermore how to influence installments in case of an admission to can be gotten on the accompanying page (https://www.otago.ac.nz/examine/expenses/) of the school’s site. The Student Services charges and organization expenses are general for both residential and International understudies.


Universal Tuition Fees

There is an alternate scope of educational cost charges accessible for International understudies conceded into the University of Otago. This is typically in view of the papers selected for by the understudy from a scope of branches of knowledge.

For Undergraduate International Students, the present scope of educational cost charges for each subject division are as per the following;

The Business Division offers $27,154 every year for every one of its courses aside from Information Science with a somewhat higher charge of $30,851.

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The Division of Health Sciences midpoints educational cost charges of $36,000 for first year understudies. This esteem fluctuates per course and it increment for the rest of the long periods of concentrate to a scope of $38,808 for Medical Laboratory Science to $95,319 for Dental Surgery. The main special case to this are the Biomedical Sciences and Health Sciences program which offers $32,760 to understudies level for the entire term of the program.

For the Humanities Division, lion’s share of the courses are offered at a yearly educational cost charge of $25,109. This expense is expanded for an exclusive a couple of projects with Geography and Archaelogy among the most elevated educational cost charges at $30,851.

The Division of Sciences has educational cost expenses running from $25,109 for the bureaus of Mathematics and Statistics to just as high as $32,760 for programs like Genetics, Anatomy, Biochemistry and a couple of others.

Post graduate programs usually have relatively low tuition fees with PhD students paying between $6,351 for commerce and $9,955 for Dentistry thesis (Non clinical). Tuition fees for master’s programs however come higher almost to the range of the undergraduate programs. The full list of tuition fees for all undergraduate and postgraduate programs for International students can be found here (https://www.otago.ac.nz/international/otago689130.pdf)

University of Otago Scholarship Opportunities

Undergraduate Scholarships

The University of Otago provides over 25 different scholarship initiatives for her undergraduate students to provide financial support in view of the completion of their program. Some of the scholarships, listed on school’s website, are as follows;

Alexander Leith Bagpipe and Drum Scholarship
Scholarship funding to support first year of a Bachelor of Music degree.

Campbell-White Scholarship
$3,000 for a student studying full-time towards a degree of Bachelor of Surveying, Bachelor of Applied Science, or Bachelor of Science majoring in Geology, Surveying, or Applied Geology.

Chris Burks Memorial Bursary
$3,000 for a second year resident of Carrington College, who has contributed towards the welfare of others.

Dunedin Symphony Scholarship for Orchestral Performance
$5,000 to foster the performance careers of exceptionally talented musicians who have demonstrated a strong and clear commitment to an orchestral career.

Dr E C Grant and Mrs H M Grant Memorial Medical Scholarship
Funding to support students admitted to the medical programme.

Dr Emily Hancock Siedeberg Scholarship
$1,250 for a female student in the fourth year of an MB ChB.

Energy Education Trust NZ Undergraduate Scholarship
$5,000 for students with a specific interest in energy issues.

E Rewa Begg Scholarship
$2,000 towards the second year of study in the field of commerce.

The full list of undergraduate scholarships can be found here (https://www.otago.ac.nz/graduate-research/scholarships/undergraduate/index.html)

For students who are looking to get admission into the University, there are entrance scholarships which are usually open between the months of July and August and the months of November and December. Thse scholarships hace a tenure range of one year to three year as the case may be and they can all be found on the school’s website here (https://www.otago.ac.nz/future-students/cost/scholarships/index.html)

 Postgraduate Scholarships

The University of Otago also offers more than 240 research scholarships worth more than $18 million every year to her postgraduate students, with an allocation of 181 new PhD scholarships worth $25,000 plus tuition fee rebate and 60 research Master’s scholarships worth $10,000 to $13,000 yearly. There are usually no deadline for applications. Below is an extract from the full list of postgraduate scholarships offered by the university for International students:

 University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship

$25,000 plus tuition fee waiver for thesis doctoral students.

University of Otago Special Health Research Scholarship

$25,000 plus tuition fee waiver for thesis doctoral students.

University of Otago Pacific Island Doctoral Scholarship

$25,000 plus tuition fee waiver for indigenous Pacific Island thesis doctoral students.

Brooker Travel and helloworld Doctoral Travel Scholarships

Travel funding to support PhD students at the University of Otago.

Built Environment and Active Transport PhD Scholarship

PhD funding for working on the “Built Environment and Active Transport to School: BEATS Study”

University of Otago International Master’s Research Scholarship

$13,000 plus tuition fee waiver for international thesis Master’s students.

University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship

$10,000 towards coursework Master’s student’s tuition fees.

The full list can also be found on the school’s website here (https://www.otago.ac.nz/study/scholarships/database/search/index.html?studenttype=Internationalstudent)


The University of Otago is one of the two most popular schools in New Zealand, second in ranking only to the University of Auckland, the largest university in the Country. It is also one of the popular schools in the world, making the top 200 schools on the QS ranking and also making the list of top 10 schools to study Dentistry. Every program in the school, be it an undergraduate study or a master’s or PhD degree program, comes with a whole exciting experience.

It boasts of notable alumni like the former Prime Minister of New Zealand – Helen Clark, founder of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa – Cheryll Sotheran, Academy Award-winning screenwriter – Philippa Boyens, Fields medallist – Sir Vaughan Jones and a host of others.

You can visit the school’s website (https://www.otago.ac.nz/) to learn more about how to apply (https://www.otago.ac.nz/future-students/apply/index.html

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