Meanings of NYSC Acronyms and Slangs

In this article, we’ll explain the various meanings of NYSC acronyms and slangs, as they can be too numerous to recall.

If you’re getting set to join the army of brave young men and women serving this great nation, you would have heard or you are about to hear the following NYSC slangs and acronyms. Knowing their meanings will not only help make your NSYC experience easier, it will upgrade you from the class of ‘otondos’ who don’t know what’s up to the higher class who do.

Meanings of NYSC Acronyms and Slangs

Lest I forget to mention, shows that the acronym “NYSC” has diverse meanings. In Nigeria, “NYSC” stands for “National Youth Service Corps“.

Here are 12 commonly used terms in NYSC you need to be familiar with.

1. Corper

This one is easy enough. A Corper is one serving his country through the NYSC Scheme. Variations of this word may come in the form of ‘kofa’ (hausa) or ‘copa’(ibo) etc depending on your locality or even “Copertion!”. Get ready to be rechristened by the name, Corper. Neighbours, co-workers, strangers and the like will find it easier and simpler to just refer to you as “Corper”.

2. Ajuwaya

I wondered for months and months during my service year what Ajuwaya meant. And I’m sure there are others like me out there who don’t know. Well guess what? Ajuwaya simple means “As you were.”  It’s a military term used to put soldiers at ease after they have been standing at attention. The term has come to be synonymous with youth Corp members so don’t be surprised to be referred to as Ajuwaya.

3. Allawee

Means Allowance. It refers to the monthly allowance paid to each Corps member by the Federal Government. As a corps member, you are entitled to this (allowee) throughout your NYSC year (from orientation camp to passing out).

4. Otondo

In general Nigerian parlance it means ‘mumu‘ or someone that is not sure of what to do, a dumb person. The term is used to refer to new Corps members, the greenhorns arriving in camp for the first time. Their seeming lack of knowledge and coordination contributed to the nicknaming I guess. Get prepared to hear the Soldiers and Man O’ War drillers scream and yell “otondo” during orientation camp.

5. PPA

This means Place of Primary Assignment. After the first 3 weeks of camp, all Corp members are posted to different schools, government establishment and firms to work for the service year period.

6. OBS

OBS is the broadcasting radio station you will be privileged to enjoy during the 3 weeks of orientation camp. It means Otondo Broadcasting Station. Music and announcements can be heard over speakers and mega phones positioned at different places throughout the camp from this radio station powered by Mass Communication and Communication Arts graduates serving in camp.

Quick tip: if you wanna avoid kitchen duty, parade and other hectic stuff in camp join OBS crew. They are exempted from most camp activities because they have to be present at the OBS station almost throughout the day.

7. ZI

This means Zonal Inspector. This is the person who inspects and confirms that every Corp member within his zone is present and serving faithfully. Quick tip: this is a person on whose good side you always have to be on.

8. CDS

Means Community Development Service. There are a number of them including legal aid, MDGs etc. Every Corp member is required to join one and serve the host community. Every CDS group meets once a week.

Quick tip: CDS day is a work free day for Corp members. As soon as you are done with CDS meeting (which usually doesn’t take more than a few hours) you have the whole day to yourself as an off day).


This means Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship. It is an interdenominational fellowship for Christian Copers serving in various states. Christian Corpers come together using this medium to worship and praise God; they pray and share the word of God together; they meet their members’ welfare and reach out to their community through rural rugged.

There are other fellowships too, some of them are: MCAN (Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria), DLCF (Deeper Life Corpers Fellowship), RCCF (Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship), etc.

Quick Tip: if you don’t know where to stay immediately after orientation camp, all you need to do is to associate with any of these fellowships because they will surely provide accommodation for you.

10. Rural Rugged

This is usally being carried out by NCCF. It is their way of reaching out to people in the rural (very interior) areas of a particular state or local governments. The main idea behind rural rugged is to share the message of salvation to people in those interior areas, to meet their welfare needs, to meet their health needs, etc.

Believe me, you can only experience something like this (rural rugged), during your nysc year! It’s usually an unforgettable experience!

11. Passing out

This does not mean to faint as you might think. It has to do with concluding your NYSC service year. For you to have passed out from nysc, you must have gotten your NYSC Discharge Certificate.

12. P.O.P.

POP means Passing Out Parade. This refers to the formal ceremony at the end of the service year where successful Corp members are handed their Discharge Certificates for completing their service. It’s a para-military ceremony marked with pomp and pageantry, parades and the likes.

Now you’re good to go!

Feel free to add any other NYSC slangs and acronyms that comes to your mind in the comment session.

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