How to Write An Authorization Letter [With Sample]

An Authorization Letter is any letter written which grants its recipient the power or permission to carry out a particular task. In most cases, it takes a formal tone hence should be simple and crisp. It should explicitly state who is being authorized and for what work. The exact validity date is a very important part of this letter.

Ambiguity should have no room in the Letter of authorization as it is a very powerful tool in the recipient’s hands.

We have sample letters of authorization to guide you in your writing.

1. Sample Authorization Letter


August 11, 2016.


I, Akinbaode Abideen, hereby authorize Umaru Joseph to collect my property documents from my lawyer Ms Rose Obioma.

This authorization letter valid for three weeks from the issuance date after which it becomes null and void.

For security purposes, I have attested below the signature of the authorized person.


Umaru Joseph

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2. Another Sample Letter Authorization

No. 253 Herbert Macaulay Way
August 10, 2016

PQC Estate Agency
No. 16 Emole Street

Authorization Letter

Dear Sir/Ma

With reference to our recent conversation in relation to the above subject, I, Akinbaode Abideen, the undersigned client, hereby authorize Mr Umaru Joseph to transact all my awaiting property related documents & credentials from your office situated in Calabar.

This authorization letter is valid for a month from the issuance date after which it becomes null and void.

Kindly take into consideration the said authorization & correspond for any queries.

Yours faithfully,


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