How To Write A Letter of Sponsorship [With Sample]

Writing a letter of sponsorship for an event could look simple but requires technicality and professionalism. Probably you have blown it up in the past trying to seek a sponsor for your event. You sought to pinpoint where you got it wrong but could not, you even have concluded that your strategy was not that good enough. It might not be that far from the fact that your letter did not sell you enough to the targeted or intending sponsor for your event.

As you are seeking sponsorship for an event, you need to understand certain facts that will help you strategize and apply to the right organization and using the right letter format.

Your event determines your targeted intended sponsors. For you to get the attention of your intending sponsor, you should ask certain questions and answer them:

  1. What is my goal of this event: Since you are creating an event, you must have goals. Your goals will determine the level of sponsorship you want for your event.
  2. Who are my target audience: Every event has certain people who are expected to attend. You must understand your target audience. This will help you to find organizations that have similar target market who can sponsor your event.
  3. What will my sponsor gain from the event: Have you heard this saying ‘Nothing is free even in Freetown’? No organization wants to sponsor an event without finding out what will be their gain. So, you need to define your sponsor’s gains. It might be a media attention, free table for advert at the event etc.
  4. Do I have enough time: You can’t put your sponsors under undue pressure by given limited time for your event and expect a favourable response. Many organizations already have a budget. For them to accept your proposal, they will need time to consider it. So, you need to have a proper plan and give your intending sponsors to consider you.
  5. Have I done enough research about my intending sponsors?- Before you write your letter of sponsorship for an event, consider finding out about the organization or else, your letter will be trashed. Some organization prefers certain event than the other due to their peculiarity and brand.
  6. What is my strategy for follow-up?- If you all do is write a letter and expect automatic feedback, you might find out too late that nothing has happened to your letter except that it was once read. You need to devise a means of getting the feedback of the organization even if it is a ‘No’.


Different type of event

What type of event are you considering? It might fall under the type I list below:


Children Event: As the name implies, this is purely children event. Writing a letter of sponsorship for children event requires you are an organization that specializes in children development. Your target audience is the children and your likely sponsor will be an organization that produces children consumable products or individuals with a track record of likeness for children.


Charity Events: Is this the purpose of your event? Then, you are not probably making any profit from it as it is basically to help certain less privileged group. Your targeted intending organization would be based on your charity event such as sanitation charity event, health charity event etc.


Sports Event: If this is your event, you also need to note which aspect of the sport. Some organization loves football sporting while some prefer gulf. You might not get the expected response if your letter of sponsorship for your sports event which is a football tournament is written to an organization whose principal and in-house policy is to promote golf sports.


School Event:  More often than not, schools seek sponsors from an organization in their host environment. These organizations could want as part of their corporate responsibility to their immediate environment take up that challenge. So, if you are writing for sponsorship for a school event, you might want to consider an organization around your area.


Cultural Event: You must be a promoter of culture to have wanted to host a cultural event, then in your research, you need to identify organization who are a lover of culture and have the desire to sponsor such event. In writing to seek for sponsorship for the cultural event, you have be detailed enough on how it will be of help to keep the culture from extinction.


Religion Event: Seeking sponsorship for events like this is often also from other religious organizations or individual who are religiously committed. For instance, to organize a church event you need to write to another church or certain individuals in that church who love to be a partaker of church events. Organizations don’t always want to identify with a religion because it could affect their brands.


What event are you writing about? Yours might not be mentioned here, but it could fall under one of the mentioned types of events anyway.


How then should your letter to seek for sponsorship for an event look like? What template should you follow? Come along with me as I take you through this:


As a typical letter is, your letter seeking for sponsorship is basically a formal letter. A formal letter is an official letter that requires official language.


Address: The first thing you consider is your address. If you are writing as an organization, please ensure you have a letterhead well designed. If you have a logo, this is where to insert it. If you are writing as an individual seeking for sponsorship for an event, then develop a letterhead which could be your name on a straight line with your address under it in small letter.  It makes you more responsible. Check these out:



1, Olunloro Street, Off Alakija Road, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.
Tel: 0703241784392


Date:  The next is the date which you are sending the letter. There are different date format but I recommend a block letter format. You will see this in the sample below.

The addressee: This is one of the areas where your research is very important in your letter of sponsorship. You know why? It is because it will be better to address it to the right person in the organization and better than the person’s name is stated.


Salutation: As you would expect, the salutation is a part of the letter and very important. But your salutation should be to address the person you are writing the letter to directly.


Introductory paragraph: Your introductory paragraph in writing a letter of sponsorship for an event should be to introduce your organization or yourself stating what you stand for, your past achievement and your goal as you organize your event.


Body Paragraph: The second paragraph is the body and what concern your intending sponsor. Let this aspect explain how the organization or person is to come in. More importantly, let it state how the organization will benefit from it. It is more of how the organization will benefit and not your own benefit. It is the level their benefit that can thrill them to want to put down their money to sponsor you.


Closing Paragraph: This could be in two paragraphs. However, the closing paragraph is to state your assurance that they love to sponsor your event. If you attach any other document, you have to state it in the concluding paragraph.





February 1, 2017

Mr. Godwin Eghogho
Brand Manager
Montgate Nigeria Plc.
Araromi, Awka
Anambra State.


Dear Mr. Godwin



Kokky International is a non-governmental organization with the vision to help young children discover their football talent early enough so as to create a career in it and get to the peak of the game. We started Awka Township Tournament five years ago and today, it has become an event of attraction in the area. The best player, best scorer and the best goal keepers for last year event were sponsored to a month football academy at Lagos. This year, based on popular demand, we have planned to increase the number of participating team from eighteen to twenty. This means increasing budget.


As a sport loving organization, we request your sponsorship for this year event with the total budget of N2.2 Million. As our sponsor, your company’s name and logo will be displayed on the field throughout the tournament plus a representative of the company to present the trophy at the final match. Since the final match will be shown by our media partner, Anambra TV, you have the opportunity of media presence.


We hope you will find this very interesting and will choose to sponsor this sporting event. If this is your decision, kindly contact us for detail of the event. Thank you for this opportunity.


Yours faithfully,


Chukwuemeka Obiano
Coordinator, Kokky International.



1, Olunloro Street, Off Alakija Road, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.
Tel: 0703241784392


Mrs. Mariam Yekinni
Managing Director,
Obelawo Nigeria Ltd.,
Yaba, Kano,
Kano State,

Dear Mrs. Mariam,


Mine is not out of necessity but out of the passion for seeing talents come alive. Many are the talents roaming the streets in search for a platform to display their talents. As individuals, my team and I championed the first edition of ‘Rap It Up’ last year, giving opportunity for upcoming talented rappers to display. One hundred and fifty rappers participated and a winner emerged with the N100,000 cash prize and opportunity for musical training. Everything happened here in the city of Kano.


As our sponsor, your brand name will be displayed around the venue of the event. More so, you will have a free table to display your products and media presence at the red carpet for the grand finale. Your company’s name will also be announced as a sponsor of the talent discovery event.


I here attach images of last year’s participants in action as well as the audience presence. Also attached is what the flyers for this year’s event will look like if you chose to sponsor us.


We are hopeful that you will be happy to sponsor this musical event. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have made up your mind on this. Thank you for taking time to go through this letter.



Sincerely yours,

Emmanuel Onu.



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