How to Write a Condolence Letter [With Sample]

How to Write a Condolence Letter [With Sample]…

Have you ever visited the family of a deceased and could not find the right words to use to console them? Or you intend to write a letter of condolence and find the right way to go about it? I have found myself in that situation and that prompted my intense research and I have come up with this.

At times, mere visiting might not be enough to express your heartfelt sympathy towards the loss of someone. In such a case, a condolence letter could be appropriate.

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Reasons for Writing a Letter of Condolence

There are so many reasons why you might want to write a condolence letter especially in a formal environment.

One major reason is that as a body or organization, visitation alone will not register the body’s condolences but writing will do. For example, a condolence letter will be more appropriate for to a client for the loss of a loved one say the death of mother, death of father or his wife or her husband.

Also, for diplomatic reasons, writing a letter of condolences would be more appropriate at the loss of important personality in that country.

Writing a condolence letter, if well written, could express how you actually feel more than what you say or how you say it. As you write a condolence letter, you should bear in mind that sympathy is what is more needed at such time. What the family of the deceased, say the loss of mother, would need are words of encouragement to see way out their bereaved state.

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How to Write a Condolence Letter | Things to note

Writing a good condolence letter could be difficult, mainly if you don’t know specific things to note when writing one. Here are the things to note:

Be sympathetic in your words: The loss of a family member is one thing that drains the emotion of the bereaved. So, as you write, be sympathetic enough.

Be sincere in your writing: Ensure you acknowledge the loss rather than beat about the bush as if nothing has happened; they already know. Also, don’t exaggerate the situation and as well as the character of the deceased.

Mention the name of the deceased: It makes more sense to mention the deceased by name rather than her position. It gives a sense of identity to the bereaved.

Tell of quality of the deceased: Say some good qualities of the deceased that you can identify with. It will be more appropriate to mention certain scenario where the deceased had shown such quality.

Encourage the family to be strong: Emphasized the fact that they need to gather strength from the good character the deceased has left behind.

Promise to be there for them: As you write the letter of condolence, ensure you promise to be there to give any assistance to them. It could be better to mention what you could do rather than expecting the family to tell you what to do to assist.

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Format for writing a condolence letter

What format should a condolence letter follow? There are really no specific rules to follow but, this format could help you a lot. After this, I will give you a letter of condolence sample that you could adopt.

  • As in normal letter, your address should come first. If it is an organization writing to a bereaved family, it will be better if a letter head with the address of the organization is used.
  • After this, the addressee whose name (if personal) or family name (if it is meant for the funeral family). This becomes imperative to ensure the person or family feel identified and more personal to them as the recipient.
  • Next is the heading of the letter which tells the purpose of the letter. Note that the rule of formal letter still comes to play here except you have chosen to make it an informal letter.
  • Your first paragraph of the letter of condolence should acknowledge the loss of the deceased. Let the family know that you are sad at the loss.
  • The second paragraph should state that the deceased would be highly missed. Tell the family or the bereaved of specific thing the man did that showed his/her quality.
  • The next paragraph should encourage the family to take solace in the quality of the deceased and get strength to move on. You can as well pray that God would grant them the heart to bear the loss.
  • Closing a letter of condolence requires you promise the family to be there and ensure you mean it. Don’t give empty promise. Ensure it is what your capacity could carry you promise to do.


Sample of Condolence Letter

1, Olunloro Street,
Off Alakija Road,
Ondo State.

20th April, 2016.

Dear Mrs. Akinpelu,


 I was saddened when I heard the loss of your husband. I cannot imagine how saddened you would be and the difficulty of going through a time like this. Be sure that I will always be there for you.

I am sure Soji will be highly missed both in the family and in the film industry because of his expertise and kindness. His love for his family that is he shows by making his family first is one of the things thing I learnt to emulate.   Please, take condolence in this and be strengthened.

You are woman of great strength and character and I am sure you will overcome this grieving period as you lead your children to be strong just like you.

Please, note that I will always be there for you. I you don’t mind, I could come around at your convenient time and arrange the flower in the compound just as your husband always love it.

Once again, please accept my condolences.


Sincerely yours,

Your signed
Yahiya Margret

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