How To Start A Primary School Business In Nigeria

When you’re not vested with the knowledge on How To Start A Primary School Business In Nigeria, starting a private nursery and primary school that will be approved can be so demanding.

The first concern of every Nigerian parent is to send their kids to school to obtain knowledge. The school fees for these kids take more than 20 percent of their parents salary, depending solely on the number of kids they have. This has definitely prompt to the flourishing of primary school business in Nigeria.

Primary school business in Nigeria has become more rewarding these days because of the number of kids that are born every day in the ever growing population of Nigeria. With such increase comes the need for more primary schools that will accommodate them, and the need for even more will continue over time.

Formerly, a single government or missionary owned primary school, in a community or a state would be just enough to accommodate the children of the entire community. Then, there was actually no need for private nursery and primary schools.

Today, the story has totally changed, because no single primary school would be able to accommodate the entire kids in a state, especially in urban areas like Lagos and Abuja.

how to set up a day care school

It has also become the normal perception that the specification of education in privately owned and managed schools are higher in comparison to that of the ill-equipped and inadequately maintained government owned schools.

Sending ones children to public schools is impartially regarded as proof of poverty. Therefore, every parent endeavor to send their kids to any accessible private school, it doesn’t really matter if that one is even bad than the public school as far as it is called ‘Private school’.

These usual trends has made investment into nursery and primary school a very profitable one.

Some of the cheapest nursery and primary schools in cities like Lagos, charges nothing less than N7,000 for school fees, while the good and expensive ones charge from N30,000 to as much as N500,000 for school fees per term.

If in your own primary school business you charge N10,000 per term, and you have 200 students enrolled, the amount you will be making from school fees is 10,000 x 200 = 2,000,000 Naira per term and trust me, it will take you less than a million Naira to run such school every term.

How To Start A Primary School Business In Nigeria

Now you can testify that investment in (Nursery and Primary) private school business is a very profitable investment. Here is how to start a primary school business in Nigeria.

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1) Get A Land In A Good Area:

Prices of landed property changes from place to place, but you can always get land in some progressing areas in Lagos for about N600,000 to N2,000,000. Make sure you don’t buy in isolated area where lots of people are not living, the average Nigerian parent would never patronize you in such location.

Due the basic risks involved in child’s movement, parent will patronize a school that is very close to their home, and for easy pick up of their kids.

Minimum of one plot of 120 by 60 is exactly what you need for a start, to be able to contain the school building and playground.

Note: You can go for a rented apartment, if you do not have enough money yet to buy land and build your own school. You can always save up or raise money to build later.

  1. Erect Your Nursery And Primary School Building:

The cost of a building solely depends on the size and quality of the building you propose to construct. Your Engineer will be able to explain this to you, make sure you seat down with him to discuss it properly.

Insist on a very good structure because your marketing starts from there. Ensure the classrooms are really spacious. Most Nursery and Primary school classrooms are typically small and jam-packed. Yours shouldn’t be like that.

3) Equip Your School and Classrooms

Apart from the general chairs and tables (which you can always get Carpenters in your local area to do for you at a very reduced price), you also have to furnish your classrooms with computer and other learning aids, parents will be more willing to pay when they notice that your classes are efficiently equipped.

You need plenty of toys and other gadgets that is used in modern primary schools for children’s education. You also need large screen TV in all the classrooms, for playing educational and learning videos or cartoons depending on the class.

Buy a school bus if you wish to offer pick and drop, this will also attract parents living in a far distance. And it is almost mandatory for every school these days since most parents would request for it. Get a very nice looking bus that will speak well of your school, and avoid jam-packing kids in a bus. You can get a nice Tokunbo bus that is about N600,000 for a start. If one bus doesn’t seem to be enough then buy two, parents are paying you extra for the transport service, so give them the best they deserve.

Water is very important and you need lots of it in your school, drill a borehole that will provide water all the time. You would also visit the PHCN or the electricity distribution company in the state to get a prepaid or postpaid meter.

4) Employ Qualified Teachers:

Before employing teachers make sure you employ a school manager, who is going to manage the school if you are not around. The school manager should have a minimum of NCE and experience in educational administration

Your Teachers should also have minimum of NCE and lots of experience in childcare education and play-work. Highly passionate teachers are recommended.

5) Register Your Private School Business:

Like every other businesses in Nigeria, you need to register your primary school business as a sole proprietorship or partnership if there are investors.

You can approach the corporate affair commission of Nigeria to enroll your name, you may need the service of a Lawyer for this.

Once you have put everything listed here in place, the next thing is to broadcast and advertise your primary school business.

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