How to Get Good Paying Jobs in 2018


Wondering how to get good paying jobs in 2018?

With the present economic downturn in Nigeria, jobs which were hitherto considered scarce have grown to become ‘not available’, or so it seems. The rate at which companies are closing down and many more are relocating outside the country because of the harsh economic situation is becoming alarming.

The unemployment rate was reported to have risen to 13.9% during the first quarter of 2018. A handful of people who lost their jobs during that period made this percentage to continue to rise. Analysts say that if the present economic situation persists, this will rise the more in the year 2018.

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Does it mean there are no good jobs in Nigeria or everything in the nation is that bad? The answer is ‘NO’.

As the economy started its downturn during the year 2017, I know of companies that were smiling because it was opportunity for them. I will only share two before I proceed to tell you how to grab those jobs that await you this 2017 because there are jobs in Nigeria.

Company ‘A’ that is involved in painting production but sources for its raw material locally was doing badly for a long time because bigger companies that used imported raw materials were thriving. It began to make increasing sales from June 2017 and needed more hands to help in their productions. They had to increase production and are presently planning to have a bigger plant around Magboro, in Ogun State.

Similarly, company ‘B’ that is involved in poultry farming was not getting enough attention because government was not showing enough commitment to agriculture in the past. Many imported poultry products with ease even though government had banned its importation because there was no enough commitment in that line.

But, with the present government alertness towards agriculture, they have increased production largely. A friend in the company told me they are presently short of staff and soon enough, they would declare vacancies.

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How to Get Good Paying Jobs 2018

Many more companies are springing up, banks are employing, some government agencies are as well employing. How then can you be a partaker of these jobs in Nigeria in the year 2018? Here are some tips for you.

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Search for the Job:

Many who are looking for job rely only on Guardian’s Tuesdays and Thursdays vacancies. You might need to go beyond that. Get the right information from the right source. Search the internet; ask your friends who are working those companies or those who have friends in those places. Be creative in your search for information on the job of your dream and you will be surprised that jobs are outside there.

Develop your skills:

Don’t just rely on your certificate, develop your skills and abilities. Companies don’t want candidates who will be redundant. Exceptional candidates will always attract jobs.

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Let your CV/Cover Letter sell you:

Of course you have always heard this. But, if you are going to get that job this year, you cannot rely on the same CV you prepared last year that could not earn you that job this year when it has become more challenging. If you cannot write it better, seek professionals who are more skillful at it.

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Don’t join the band wagon. Don’t seek for any job because it’s paying higher. Be in an area where your skill can easily excel. It’s not enough to make money. More better for you to be fulfilled. Be where your passion is.

Identify Problems you want to fix:

Companies will always have challenges. Try to identify problems of a company you want to work with and think of profitable way of solving that problem for them.


Don’t go to the job interview without adequate preparation. See every interview this year as an opportunity that must be grabs. So, from now, begin to read and create imaginary interviewer for yourself and ask creative questions which you must proffer solution to.


Creativity is a crucial way to get that job today in our nation. One way of being creative is to find out a challenge in your dream company and proof by giving why you are the person who can solve that problem for that company.

Then, write a job proposal (beyond CV/Cover Letter) to that company stating how you intend to solve it, but never give detail. Then, send it directly to the head of that establishment through direct mailing such as DHL. You are mostly likely going to be called for a job chart after that.

Be positive:

Positive minded people will always thrive in life. Think positively and say positive things. Don’t think less of yourself and never see impossibility this year. Your dream job is on the way.







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