Free Sample Letter Templates for All Kinds of Letters

You have an urgent need to write a letter but don’t have a perfect letter template to follow? The format and content of the letter depends on the kinds of letters you want to write. On this page, we have FREE sample letter templates for all kinds of letters.

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FREE Sample Letter Templates

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How to Use Sample Letter Templates

Many who need to write a professional letter, don’t know how to go about getting the job done. My advice: it is usually a good idea to review email and letter samples before writing your own. These samples can help you see what content has to be included in your letter. You can also find the best format and layout for your letter.

Despite having so much letter samples, guidelines, formats and templates on the internet to fall on, you should always own your letter. I mean, be flexible. Spend time to personalize your letter, email, message or note, so your voice can be heard when you write.

Having see the various professional sample letter templates, let’s quickly see what Letter writing is.

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Letter Writing

Letter writing is a form of communication between two people who are separated by distance. When we write a letter, we only write what we ought to say to the person who is expected to listen to us.

We all know that our relationship with people are different, so also the way we address and talk to them will be different. For example, the way I address and discuss with the president of Nigeria will be different from the way you’ll discuss with your friend.

So, what is a letter?

Definition of a Letter?

‘A message that is written down or printed on paper and usually put in an envelope and sent to somebody’ is how the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary basically defines a letter.

Further search shows Wikipedia which defines letter as a written, typed, or printed communication, sent in an envelope by post or messenger.

Hence, a personal definition of a letter is a written message which contains and aims to convey any form of information from the writer to the recipient.

The Study of Letter Writing

Over time, since its inception, diverse letters from all over the world have been brought together for the purpose of study. Letter writing has advanced over the years and this study has brought about the knowledge of the different kinds of letters that are written all over the world.

There are basically three forms of letter:

  • Formal Letter or Official Letter or Business Letter
  • Informal Letter or Private Letter
  • Semi-formal Letter

Each of these forms of letter has different kinds of letters.

What to Include in a Professional Letter

In most instances, how you write your correspondence, what you include and the format of a letter varies. Moreover, a professional letter or email should include:

Subject Line

when sending a mail, include a clear and concise subject line that duly explains the purpose of the mail. For instance, ” Subject: Congratulations on Your Appointment .”

Contact Information

The full name, contact address, phone number and email address of the sender should be included as information about the contact. This should appear at the top left corner, followed with date and the contact information of the receiver. If it is an email, this should be included as your signature, below your name.


This should usually start the latter proper. Ensure the appropriate name and title of the person to whom you are writing is used.

Brief Introduction

This takes the first paragraph after salutation.

The Main Body of the Letter

This contain the main purpose of your letter. Make sure you are concise in your writing. Besides, two or three paragraphs are too many. A professional business letter should not be longer than a page; an email should even be shorter.

If there are additional information to share, offer to discuss it during a call. You may as well provide an attachment or enclose with details.


End your letter like a professional. Convey your thank you and respect. “Sincerely,” “Faithfully,” and “Regards,” works perfectly well.


If sending a hard copy, be sure to include your hand written signature above your typed name/signature. If emailing, just include your typed signature.

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