Competitions in NYSC Orientation Camp: What to Expect

In this post we will be showing all prospective and serving corps members the various competitions in NYSC orientation camp.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), I would always say is a worthy ideal and idea. Now to make it more appealing or motivating to these youngsters, the idea was expanded to be more of competitions so that it can be more interesting. That being said, nearly every activity in the orientation camp is a competition with a prize to win or a score to rise to.

What are these various activities carried out in the various orientation camps? Or What are the different Competitions that will take place during the camp. Some of the activities/competitions are considered below.

Competitions in NYSC Orientation Camp

Different Competitions in NYSC Orientation Camp

The following are the different activities/games that do occur in the orientation camp.

1. Sports

The sporting activities is the most famous and widely recognized competition in the orientation camp. It attracts the largest audience and interest. It is performed with platoons competing against platoons.

The sporting activities include football for the guys, and volley ball for the girls, and sometimes athletics for both males and females. It is a great sight and a source of great admiration to see great talents who display their sporting skills. Usually very hard not to fall in love with them. Feels more like real championship game where spectators are full of support and cheering for their clubs.

After the game it can be moment of disappointment for some and can also be an uncontrollable joy for the winners.

If you have got the skills, don’t deny yourself the chance of having fun by partaking in the games.

2. Hostel Cleanliness

Every weekend, every room and hostel is checked, and the rooms are graded according to their neatness level. These would require that corps members in the various  hostels or rooms to dress their bed well on that day, place a neat bed sheet on their bed, clean up their bed corners and also tidy up their surroundings (that brings back to mind secondary school hostel days). This should happen not just on that day but everyday.

It is really a thing of great joy to see the name of your hostel been rewarded with a good position like first, second and third. Hostels that get the last position usually work harder the following weekend to come out best the next time.

In my camp because my area was the bungalow close to the soldiers, we were always neat or at least rewarded with a good position or else that would be an insult on the soldiers close to us.

3. Cooking

Every day there is a rotation of platoons that do the cooking in the kitchen. Their cooking is done throughout the day covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. The platoons are thus graded and the best platoon for the week in cooking is then awarded with a good position.

Well it is much hoped that this competition in the kitchen side would motivate each platoon to work hard to be the best in the day(s) of their cooking. Sadly though, a lot of corps members are still complaining about the poor meals in most orientation camp.

4. Sanitation

There is also a daily rotation of platoons that clean up the camp surrounding. The task usually require picking up water sachets, cans and other stray disposables all around the orientation camp environment.

It seriously not always an enjoyable one especially when guys are asked to pick around the girls hostel area. In fact in my time we simple refused doing that and asked the girls in our platoon to go and do it themselves, that we were not going to pick any of them girls things that they do around their hostels.

5. Parade

Nearly every afternoon there seem to be an unending rehearsal of marching parade by each platoon led by the platoon soldiers. This parade is a very important aspect of the orientation camp activities as corps members are given a paramilitary training.This parade can really be tiring and inconvenient for those who do not love to be a part of it.

Most platoons select only those they feel are good during the selection process and train them for the competition and event ahead. The marching competition comes to a head at the last day of marching out. It is a great sight for corp members as they stand under the sun watching their fellow corpers participate in the marching competition.

That reminds me that only four platoons are selected a day before the marching out day to perform and compete. The best platoon from the four is then selected for an award.

I learnt that the rank has something to do with the rank increase, award or image of the soldiers that win or lose. You can actually see them beefing each other after the march past.

6. Drama

The drama competition is quite an interesting one where you watch Nigerian graduates trying to create intelligent scenes and also act them out. In each platoons, corps members are expected to write a play in line with the theme (usually on unity and development) of the orientation camp. When they must have concluded on what to present, they select actors to act it out.

In the orientation camp, the drama competition is a very important one as every corps member usually wanna watch or partake as the case may be. The NYSC officials are also very interested in the drama. As it shows corps members’ level of creativity and can select the corps members who will represent the State in the National competition.

In scoring platoons, the NYSC officials look at some key areas. Areas like: stage management, the story-line if its in line with the theme, level of creativity, voice projection, background sound management, costumes, and so on

So in case you have something you can offer to your platoon during the drama or any other competitions please try to make yourself available.

7. Dance

There is also a dance competition. Every platoon would organize themselves so that they can put up a good dance that depicts the theme for that year. The dance is usually judged based on a similar criteria like that of the drama.

Like a compensation for our drama failure we got first in the dance competition in my orientation camp.

8. Debate

In some orientation camps, there is usually debate competition. In my camp there was none and that was the only competition I was looking up to join. When there was no mention of such in my camp, it was quite saddening.

In the debate competition you can see where young people battle with words of mouth and astute decoration and maneuvering of ideas and arguments. It is really a lovely sight to see.

9. Beauty Pageant

The Miss NYSC and the MR. MACHO is another important competition among platoons. A lot of works and efforts are placed by those organizing this. In order to bring out the most beautiful lady and most muscular/handsome guy in the camp.

You can be the one MISS or MR NYSC of your batch in the camp. Don’t be afraid; take it as fun and come up, you would never regret it. You can read more details on this wonderful competition in one of our previous articles.

10. Man o’ War

The man o’ war activity is another competition on its own. In spite of the fun involved, each platoon is graded.  The positions are called later nearing the end of the camp.

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In spite of the competition attached to it, the most important thing is that we enjoy it as fun. Corp members should try to take part in them. They can go a long way to bring extreme happiness, personal satisfaction, fitness desires and possibly better future opportunities that you never knew could come your way.

This is how far we would like to go on the competitions in the NYSC orientation camp. Bye.

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