Cartoons Nigerian Children Should not Watch

Last week, we focused on the cartoons that are deemed appropriate for young minds. This week, our focus is on those cartoons Nigerian children should not watch… like definitely. To most parents, cartoon network, and other cartooncentric channels are a life saver. Why? Children can be a bummer when there’s so much to do and so little time.

A kid’s reaction to cartoons cannot be explained by rational science. There is something about them that triggers an interest in children like movies do for adults. Some children are so attached, getting them away from a cartoon showing television will result in tantrums.

Cartoons Nigerian Children Shouldn’t Watch

The observant parent would notice that some cartoons are a bit too risqué, too violent or too audacious for such young minds. Some are clearly advertised as such ie not for children. The scary ones are those that are meant for children but carry risky messages. Here is a list of cartoons your children should definitely not be caught watching.

Ben 10

This takes top spot because of its pervasiveness in the African community. 6 out of 10 young boys will reply that it is their favorite cartoon if adequately questioned. Unfortunately, a child watching this cartoon equates to a teenager watching Rambo. It’s punch first, ask questions later. Knowing the propensity of a physical copyright infringement (live action replay) this is not a very good idea.

Cow and Chicken

I watched this a few times growing up and most of it flew over my head. Watching it today, I’m exposed to a horror fest of sexual innuendos. People might say it’s a coincidence but the sheer number of repetitions of the same mistake say otherwise. The titles, the scenes. Trust me, this is not meant for children though it was on cartoon network.

Cartoons Nigerian Children Should Not Watch

Spongebob Squarepants

I am willing to bet my money on the fact; the original intention of this cartoon was to lower the IQ of anyone it comes across. It is so fast paced, it is hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. I lose interest within seconds. Unfortunately, kids don’t lose interest. It is scientifically proven that the fast-paced nature of this cartoon negatively affects children immediately. It causes attention deficit issues, poor impulse control, and short-term memory loss.

More distressing is the number of curse words involved, though censored. It is suggestive to the children who will sooner or later figure out what was really being said, or apply their imaginations to much more devastating results.

Then the question of the dirty jokes. Most people who have not been exposed to the situations the jokes refer to might not get it, but it is definitely not funny if you’ve been there and experienced it. Most parents who get it are calling for the show to be dropped off air.

Bambi/Lion King

These two are put together for a reason. A story of loss at an early stage is best taken in by a slightly more mature mind than that of a two or three-year-old. A child should not be exposed to such trauma until he or she is past the age of six. Even then, Parental guidance is advised.

Though both cartoons make up for it later with brilliant storytelling, the fact the children have already seen something they won’t forget when Mufasa dies or with most of the Bambi scenes which are rather sad. Mufasa’s death is the one part of Lion King which still sticks to my mind to this day and I watched that about twenty five plus years ago.

Dragon Ball Z/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/ Pokemon/ Power Rangers

These four are banded together for a reason. All four promote violence. Remember what it felt like after watching that Commando movie (for those old enough to remember)? How about Rambo? Any of the Bruce Lee movies, or for the younger generation, The Matrix? It’s the same feeling your kids will get after watching any of these.

There’s a reason why there is a warning that comes with all WWE videos. The same warning should come with all of these. I would be pale faced watching a kid try to be Raphael, Leonardo, or even worse, Casey Jones at home, school or anywhere else.

Johnny Bravo

This one is for the menly men, the playas, the ladies’ man, the egocentric individual… you get the gist. If you want your little boy turning out that way, go for it. I personally do not want my son to think he’s God’s gift to women after displaying a few feats of strength or stupidity as the case may be.

Tom and Jerry

I know it’s rib crackingly funny (I just created a word there). It’s so much fun I watched it for countless hours as a kid but I do have my reservation about letting my kid watch. The earlier version of tom and jerry was very violent.

Tom kept inventing new ways to kill Jerry, and for some weird reason never succeeded at it, but progressively lost all nine lives allotted to cats in almost every episode. There was one about a concert where both of them were trying to become the conductor. I can’t count the number of ways Tom lost lives in that particular episode. The illustrators were smart though, never including blood in the scenes, but just imagine that was part of a really ghastly scene…. Brrrrr.


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