Top Business Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria

Today, I will be showing you top business ideas to make money in Nigeria. You know Nigeria is a very fertile land with enormous opportunities for those who are ready to grab the opportunity.

Starting a business most of the time requires money and plenty of it but there are businesses you can do that will cost you little or nothing to start. All you need is the idea, interest, commitment and determination. There are different businesses you can establish requiring small investment.

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This post will cover areas like:

Who can make money in Nigeria?

Top Education Business Ideas

Top Small Scale offline home business ideas

Online Business ideas

So, fasten your seat belt let’s enjoy the ride.

Who can Make Money in Nigeria?

Anybody can be a Millionaire, even a Billionaire. I believe making money in Nigeria is a choice to be made; how you want to make money is also subjective to the individual involved.

Whether male or female, educated or uneducated, students or teacher, graduate or NYSC corps member, even an adult or a child; anyone can make money and be rich after reading and practicing what is in this article.

The following categories of persons will learn business ideas to make money in Nigeria from this post.


Since this site’s focus is on teaching and learning or education as a whole, it won’t be wrong to start with how educators can make money in Nigeria. Whether you studied education, or you are a teacher or you desire to invest in education, it is you I’m referring to. We will show you education businesses to invest in inorder to make money in Nigeria and improve our educational sector.


Being a student in Nigeria is quite challenging. Considering the present economy on Nigeria and the fact that students are expected to focus on their study, it is not easy to keep up at your best with insufficient funds. So this article will benefit students. Students will learn how to make money, without regressing in their academic performance.

NYSC Serving Corps Members

NYSC year is a time for you to prepare for the outside world – it’s a jungle out there! As a corps member waiting to complete your service, now is the time you should start thinking about establishing a business which you can start doing during/after your service or at least while waiting for that your dream job.


As a student you passed through school to expand your horizon and broaden your knowledge, so don’t waste that trying to wait endlessly to get a job that might take like a year or less to get or even more. Start doing something with your hands.


Being uneducated doesn’t mean you can not earn a decent living. There are so many uneducated people in Nigeria who are doing better than their educated counterpart. You’ve just got to read this post or get it read to you.

So I challenge you this day to create employment for yourself and even one person. By so doing, you have reduced unemployment in Nigeria by that percentage; you are adding value to the nation and human race.These opportunities are available for those who are ready to challenge lack and shortage, provided they are not ashamed. It means you have to eat a whole plate of humble pie (jettison pride).

Learn how to write all kinds of business letters because you will need it.

Education Business Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria

With thousands of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions spread across the Country, there are always opportunities to start making money by creating services for this sector of the Nigerian economy.

Teachers or Lecturers, Parents, Members of the public, even students can invest in these top education business ideas below.

Here are 13 Best Education Business Ideas as well as Opportunities to Start this year:

  1. Recruitment Agency
  2. Seasonal Book Sale
  3. Start a Creche or Daycare Business
  4. Start a Primary School Business
  5. School Chalk Production
  6. Set up Cyber Cafe Business
  7. Set up Internet or WiFi in School
  8. Barber Shop or Salon in School
  9. Newspaper for School
  10. Consultation for Scholarship
  11. Uniform Dealer
  12. Education Seminar or Workshop Facilities Provider
  13. Quiz and Spelling Competition Organizer
  14. Producing Education Videos and Audios
  15. Developing Education Web Apps for schools (Eg. Smart Lecturer LMS)

Source: My Top Business Ideas

PS: Two more categories to consider: Online and Offline Business ideas for you.

Small Scale Offline Home Business Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria

Offline home business are businesses that does not require the use of the internet to produce or establish (only marketing its product may require the internet).

This include small scale manufacturing businesses like Liquid Soap Making, Deodorant Making, Germicide Making, Potato/Plantain Chip Making, Groundnut Roasting and bottling, Chin-Chin Making, Buns and Puff-Puff Making, Cake Making, Events Management, Cafeteria Business, Vocational Training/Educational Coaching Centre, Software Development, Computer Engineering/Repairs, Invention of Products and so on, the list is endless.

All these businesses can be done with little capital and in your homes not requiring a shop or factory.

1. Multipurpose Liquid Detergent Making Business

This business requires as little as N2,000 to make a 35-litre thick liquid detergent or 50-litre fairly thick detergent. All you need is lots of water (the good thing is that water abundantly available), the chemicals, bowls, buckets, drums, packaging bottles etc.

Do you know that you can make above N5,000 from the 50-litre drum that cost you only N2,000 to produce? This is how is works, you can sell 5litres of soap for between N500 and N600, then if you sell ten 5-litre soap (i.e50-litre) you will get about between N5,000 or N6,000.

You can supply to supermarkets, hospitals, schools, churches, restaurants, eateries, hotels, companies, offices, homes etc and before you know it your will be smiling to the bank daily. However the most important issue here is packaging because image is everything in the present world, get a very good packaging idea.

2. Deodorant Making Business

You can start making Air-freshener with as low as N1,700for a 5-litre liquid deodorant. You can actually select some of the best fragrances mix them up to get a very good perfume that people would love to buy. From that 5-litre you can get 50 containers of 10millilitre spray cans and sold at N200 per one resulting in a total of N10,000 in inflow!

You can also supply to supermarkets, hospitals, schools, churches, restaurants, eateries, hotels, companies, offices, homes etc. Also get you product packed beautifully to get patronage.

3. Potato/Plantain Chip Making

Any business that always has patronage is food or eatables. This is true because people get hungry everyday and eating in inevitable craving – as human we must eat. Therefore you have to leverage on this by going into a business that entails people’s satisfaction of the need – hunger.

One way to do this is to produce packaged food that is easily accessible to quench hunger before the main meal. People call it junk food and many other negative names but these are very important part of our everyday mean because in this part of the world, we are always at work and in traffic, this implies that snacks or junk food is a big part of our everyday meal if we are to survive without stomach ulcer.

What you need is just potato or plantain chipper, fryer, oil, salt, sugar and packaging. Do this and you will always have money in your pocket. You can go further by packing them in large plastic containers for home usage or guest entertainment. You can supply supermarkets, offices, homes etc.

4. Groundnut/Cashew nut Roasting and Bottling

Another snack you can produce for people is bottled groundnut, this can be achieved by roasting and packaging it in bottles to be used to serve guest during parties or visits. It is easy all you need is the know-how and package it properly or better still you can approach someone to do it for you while you just package them in you label. It is a very lucrative business. Try it and you will not regret it.

5. Chin-Chin Making

You can also try your hands on chin-chin making. Think large scale, you can fry them and package them in big plastic jars for home use. Believe me supermarkets will accept it from you to be sold because it is being sold very well. A big jar costs as high as N800, imagine how much you will be making from it.

6. Buns and Puff-Puff Making

You can decide to embark on this which is one of the oldest snack making business. There are testimonies of people who had made serious money selling buns and puff-puff.

7. Cake Making

If you have the knowledge of baking cake, you can do it big time after your NYSC. People celebrate birthdays every time, weddings so start something in this area and you might be lucky to get your first job from your relative who will be glad to spread the good news about you to others if your work comes out very well.

8. Events Management

While developing contents for an event vendor site which took me to different event venues, I saw different young ladies and gentlemen decorating event centres and I tell you they look happy doing those jobs. Events will always come up, so get the knowledge of it now that you are done with school or serving. So that immediately you finish while still searching for that paid job, you might be doing that to put food on your table and who knows it might grow on you.

You could then decide not to look for a job anymore but pump in serious money into it to do it big! Funny enough you can rent all the materials required and return them after the event – little investment.

9. Cafeteria Business

You can decide to start cooking for people to eat to satisfy their hunger. That was how big eateries started, start small and grow big – people will always be hungry in as much as the world exist! One thing you need to take care of that you have to be ready to cook good and hygienic food always. Also be ready to wake up very early and go to bed late and most of all be ready to count cash everyday!

10. Vocational Training and Educational Coaching Centre

What are you good at? Computer? Music? Academic prowess? You can start a business around your key competence. Knowledge is very important and what you know gives you an edge above others, so start an home tutor business and invite people to come. It is a very sure thing that you will get patronage because people always want to know.

I registered with an elderly man to learn how to play my guitar and I tell you if that man had good publicity, people in my area will troop in because he has a good package and he is knowledgeable.

11. Software Development

As a computer programmer and software developer, you cannot afford to fold your hands and be searching for a job! Put your brain to work there are a lot of problems that require computer solution, why don’t you just find solution to it and get paid for that. Everybody is going online these days so get your brain working develop a software program that will suit our peculiar nature in this country and see your money soar!

12. Computer Engineering/Repairs

People buy laptops, desktops and all forms of gadget and one way or the other they will have some technical faults, it is your duty to fix it for them. Why not get some technical knowledge besides the theoretical knowledge attained from school so that you can actually fix systems and charge people for it. Well if you have started doing that while in school then very good.

13. Invention of Products

For all you science and technology students you can invent a product and look for financials. There is an invention in your brain that the world is waiting for – please develop it and sell it to the world.

Sincerely, the offline small businesses you can do immediately you leave the orientation camp or immediately after NYSC are too numerous to mention. Among the many, we have been able to highlight these few.

Online Businesses Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria

Here, we are going to consider the small businesses you can do from the comfort of your home, on the internet (online), even during your NYSC or post-nysc.

In Nigeria, starting a business isn’t easy considering the high cost of stocks, high cost of renting shops, the cost of the inadequate but very important facilities such as electricity, water, transportation, etc. Do you not think that having to start a business with a minimal cost, with the same or even more profit would be a good idea?

Recent research has shown that Nigeria is the second largest internet nation in Africa in terms of usage. With this statistic in mind I am sure you know in terms of cash how much will be coming to you.

Online businesses gives you the opportunity of working from home and incurring minimum cost by avoiding the cost of rent, transportation, so many stocks of goods, etc. In accounting, the lower your cost, the the more your profit; and that’s what we want.

What is Online Home Business?

Online business are businesses that require the use of the internet. Most of the activities here are done with devices connected to the internet, these range from blogging/social media marketing, eCommerce business, online web-designing, etc. Online home business require that you use the internet to make money from the confines of your home.

As a fresh graduate, you don’t have to wait for white collar jobs or to start a very big business. Start an online business now and have your share of the pie available on the internet. Below are some ways you can make money online, even as a student or during and after your NYSC.

1. Freelancing

A freelancer is a self-employed individual who renders services to others without long term commitment to such firm. They carry-out services like blogging, ghostwriting, web designing, graphic designing, data entry jobs, news reporting etc. These jobs are available mostly on the internet and might also require the internet as exchange channel for the delivery of the finished work.

Examples of sites rendering the services are Fiverr, Freelancer, Elance etc or Forum sites like Nairaland, Mobofree, etc. It might require your registration and regular check for available jobs, then you bid or apply to get a job.

 2. Social Media Marketer

It is war on the internet these days as companies fight to be relevant and which other way can they do it but by Social Media Marketing. This is a new job created that people are tapping into to make money. I know a lady Caroline Wabara by name, a graduate of Igbo Language from UNILAG who has carved a niche for herself doing Social Media Marketing big time.

3. E-commerce

This a combination of the letter ‘e’ meaning electronic which as to do with internet enabled electronic devices like desktops, laptops, iPhones, Smart Phones, etc. ‘Commerce’ which as to do with the exchange of goods and services in the form of buying and selling.

E-commerce mean the act of exchange of goods and services with the aid of the internet using internet enabled devices. Jumia, Konga, DealDey, and more, are examples of e-commerce companies. The question now is how can I make money via E-commerce?

4. Affiliate Marketing

It is very simple, you can do this in divers ways; either as a Commissioned Sales Consultant, Affiliate Marketer or Merchant. Whichever one you choose you are sure to make money.

I have sold all manners of products for one of these companies and my own personal good online and the way I do it is that I post those products on Social Media Sites, Forums, Free Ad Sites like Jiji with my phone numbers and name.

6. Google Adsense

There are different ways you can run ads on your website, but the most efficient and common is the Google Adsense. Believe me, Adsence make so much sense. You own a website or a blog, sign up for Google Adsense now, if you are not on it already.  You can boost your daily cash inflow just like that.

7. Sell Adspace

Sell adspace directly from your website or blog. This is another way you can make money with the website or blog you already have. No doubt, you can always start a new blog just with the intention of selling adspace later.

8. Sell Photos

Sell your photos or images on sites like istock photo. If you have a decent camera and like to take uncommon photos, you can make a lot of money selling rare stock pictures to firms and websites.

9. Comment Posting

Post your content on some profit sharing sites like factoidz or triond. Even some small but reasonable amounts of residual income can make a whole lot of difference.

Start Now!

In conclusion you can choose the best out of all the options shown above and most importantly embark on what best suits you best based on your passion or knowledge. Furthermore, you can use the online platforms to sell all your offline products because they are online marketing tools be it Social Media or E-commerce. Start something now!

I hope the article is very helpful to you. If you need further information on any of the businesses, feel free to ask in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share this post. See you later!!!

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