Benefits Derived from NYSC Orientation Camp

Benefits Derived from NYSC Orientation Camp…

I had this sickening feeling about going to service, like it was a whole lot of waste of time. Surprisingly when I got to the camp my feelings changed. I began to see things in a different light. I started to have this amazing feeling about the orientation camp especially when I thought so deeply about the values, the goals and purpose of this three weeks camp program.

Aside from the various ways you can enjoy your orientation camp experience, see what you’ll gain from this 3 weeks camping.

Benefits Derived from NYSC Orientation Camp

Well, a lot of people who have passed through the experience might see things differently. Right now I would be glad to share some of the benefits I see you can derive from this orientation camp with you.

A lot of persons do ask me questions about NYSC as a whole. Remember when you appreciate the little things in your life more better things would come along too.

Feeding and Care By The Government

When I think of the protection, the care and love that the government show to the over 200,000 Nigerian youth corp members every year I am filled with joy. It makes you feel important and of value to your nation. It gives a sense of pride and belonging that continues to live with you even after the camp and your service year.

I must comment, the Nigerian government is doing great. A lot of people say they have the capacity to do more than that but I still feel grateful for the little they have done.

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There are certain disciplines that I value in the routine of the orientation camp. One of them is the early morning devotion and the physical exercise that follow suit. When I think about it, I realize that this is a normal way of life that any responsible man or lady needs to cultivate if he is going to be successful in his future endeavor.  When you start working to earn a living most often you have to wake up very early everyday whether you like it or not. It is a good practice that the scheme has included which in a way prepares corp members of the real world they are about to face.

The morning devotion that follows is one good habit to cultivate. This morning spiritual state of mind can be the relaxing calmness that makes everything in your day move smoothly. It helps to relax your mind and your mood, which makes live each day start with a smile and hope.

The physical exercise that follows is another good thing. Every day science recommends that we exercise. How many of us do that today? Many workers today are also guilty of not doing that.

Team Work

Everybody corp member is placed in a platoon or group. In this platoons there are a lot activities that each group is expected to perform. These activities in camp include cooking for everybody for the day, acting drama, participating in group dance competition, and many other things.

Meeting New Friends

What you gain from meeting new people can’t be overemphasized. People serves an open door way for future opportunities and connections. The spirit in the camp is kept high cos of the joy of making new friends and meeting new people. The fun-field experience in most rooms is so amazing; most ex-corpers still relieve those memories.  Most people make friendships that last a long time even between same genders.

Skill Acquisition

The NYSC SAED program is another way that the Nigerian government has proven to help our Nigerian youth. For those who decide to enroll and follow the program they leave with some skills that begins to roll in money for them even while in their service year. These are not mere talks there are lot of testimonies to that effect.

The skill acquisition program also brings you into contact with successful business men around you that you can always count on for advice and help as you make the climb in your own financial ladder.


I feel like resting my back a bit. Even though I still want you to read 6 Things You Must Achieve In Your First 6 Months Of NYSC.

So I hope these few things I have shared with you would put hope and great anticipation for you as you pass through your three short weeks in camp. Trust me you will enjoy it.

Before you go, don’t forget to leave a nice comment or two in the box provided below. Thank you for your time and enjoy your stay here.

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